Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design book

Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design book

Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design. Harbour J.S.

Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design

ISBN: 1435454170, | 593 pages | 15 Mb

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Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design Harbour J.S.
Publisher: Course Technology PTR

Experience with Client/Server models. (Part 8, Multi-Threading GameComponents). Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design book download Download Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design Search. Swarm - Scalable Multithreade Game Engine. And a memory leak, of all things! Challenging projects like Windows Kernel Mode Drivers, Intel AMT SOL (Serial Over Lan) / IDER (IDE redirection), Yellow Pages Search Engines, Windows CE Asset Tracking Agents, Workflow designers, RFID capturing applications, DirectX game engines and so on. Experience with source control processes. SQL schema design and performance knowledge. Welcome to Part 8 of the XNA Framework GameEngine Development series. The result of my work was Swarm, the scalable multithreaded game engine. Multi Threaded Game Engine Design - GPWiki Multi-Threaded Game Engine Design shows experienced game. XNA Framework GameEngine Development. A new whitepaper from Intel shows how you can use the new Intel Smoke Framework, a multi-threaded game engine, to create procedurally generated trees and fire. Spare time if any is spent on synchronization of algorithms, programming models for multi-core and multi-threading verification tools, time with his wife and daughter or snowboarding and listening to Jamaican music. A passion for games and game technology.

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